Discover The Best Kegerator Faucets For Perfect Beer Pouring

Upgrade your home bar or commercial setup with our selection of the best kegerator faucets. Achieve a flawless pour every time and enhance your beer-drinking experience.

Looking for the best kegerator faucets to enhance your home bar or commercial setup? Look no further! Our selection of top-notch kegerator faucets offers the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a professional bartender, or simply someone who loves hosting parties, these faucets are a must-have accessory for serving draft beer at its finest. Read on to discover the best options available in the market today and take your pouring game to the next level!

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Peak Performance
FERRODAY Stainless Steel Core Draft Beer Faucet Polished Brass Beer Faucet for Keg Tap Tower Beer Shank & Kegerator Beer Faucet Classic Beer Dispensing Tap Standard Faucet Tap
FERRODAY Stainless Steel Core Draft Beer Faucet – Polished Brass Beer Tap for Keg Tower & Kegerator
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Enhance your beer dispensing experience with this classic and durable faucet. Perfect for home or commercial use.

  1. High-quality stainless steel construction
  2. Polished brass finish adds an elegant touch
  3. Compatible with keg taps, towers, and kegerators
  1. Limited color options
  2. May require additional accessories for installation
  3. Slightly heavier compared to other faucets
Maximum Value
MRbrew Upgraded Beer Faucet, All Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Draft Beer Keg Tap, Beer Tap with Well-Pouring, Fits for American Beer Shanks and Towers
MRbrew Upgraded Beer Faucet – Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Draft Beer Keg Tap
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Pour perfect pints every time with this upgraded beer faucet made from premium stainless steel.

  1. Made of durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel
  2. Well-pouring design ensures a smooth and consistent flow
  3. Compatible with American beer shanks and towers
  1. Only available in silver color
  2. May be slightly more expensive than other faucets on the market
  3. Requires proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent clogging
Elite Choice
FERRODAY Beer Faucet Stainless Steel Faucet Beer Tap Keg Spout Beer Tower Faucet Beer Keg Faucet Draft Beer Faucet Stainless Steel Beer Tap Faucet Kegerator Tap Spout Kegerator Part Replacement Faucet
FERRODAY Beer Faucet Stainless Steel Tap – Kegerator Part Replacement Faucet
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Bottom Line

Replace your worn-out faucet with this stainless steel beer tap for improved beer dispensing performance.

  1. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel for long-lasting durability
  2. Designed as a direct replacement for most kegerator faucets
  3. Provides a smooth pouring experience without leaks or drips
  1. Limited color options available only in silver
  2. Installation may require some technical knowledge or assistance
  3. May not fit all types of keg spouts or beer towers

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Why Best Kegerator Faucets is Necessary?

Beer lovers and enthusiasts understand the importance of a good kegerator faucet. The faucet plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and taste of the beer being served. Whether you are a homebrewer or own a commercial establishment, having the best kegerator faucet is essential for several reasons.

1. Enhanced Beer Dispensing Experience

The primary purpose of a kegerator faucet is to dispense beer smoothly and efficiently. A high-quality faucet ensures that the beer flows out without excessive foam or splattering, resulting in a perfect pour every time. With precise control over the flow rate and minimal turbulence, you can create an enjoyable and satisfying beer drinking experience for yourself and your guests.

2. Maintaining Beer Quality

The quality of beer can be significantly affected by the type of faucet used. Inferior faucets may introduce unwanted off-flavors or odors into the beer due to poor materials or improper design. On the other hand, best kegerator faucets are specifically designed to maintain the integrity of the beer, preserving its taste, aroma, and carbonation levels. This ensures that you serve only the highest quality brews to your friends, family, or customers.

3. Durability and Longevity

Investing in the best kegerator faucets also guarantees durability and longevity. These faucets are constructed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass, which are resistant to corrosion and wear over time. By choosing a reliable faucet brand known for its durability, you can save yourself from frequent replacements or repairs, thus reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

4. Versatility and Compatibility

Different beers may require different pouring techniques or specialized accessories such as flow control handles or stout spouts. The best kegerator faucets offer versatility in terms of interchangeable parts and compatibility with various beer styles. This means that you can easily adapt your faucet setup to accommodate different keg types or experiment with new beer styles without the need for additional equipment.

5. Aesthetics and Presentation

Apart from functionality, kegerator faucets also contribute to the overall aesthetics and presentation of your beer dispensing system. With sleek designs and finishes available, you can choose a faucet that complements the style of your home bar or commercial establishment. The visual appeal of a well-crafted faucet adds a touch of professionalism and sophistication, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

In conclusion, investing in the best kegerator faucets is necessary to ensure a smooth and enjoyable beer dispensing experience, maintain the quality of your brews, and benefit from long-term durability. By choosing a reliable brand known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can elevate your beer game and impress anyone who raises a glass at your establishment or home bar.

Our Top Picks

1. MRbrew Draft Beer Shank Faucet – No Leak Stainless Core Beer Tap for 3/16″ Beer Line Tubing

Upgrade your brewing setup with this leak-free draft beer shank faucet, perfect for home or commercial use.

MRbrew Draft Beer Shank Faucet - No Leak Stainless Core Beer Tap for 3/16

Product Perks:

  • Complete Kegerator Replacement Parts: MRbrew draft beer shank faucet kit comes with necessary kegerator parts to let you replace old dispensing parts installed on beer tower, includes stainless core brass body beer tap, tap handle, beer tap self-closing springs, O.D 1/4” tailpiece nipple barb fitting beer shank, beer tap wrench, beer tap cleaning brush and anti-dust cover, hose clamp, a great beer dispenser kit for your homebrew and sankey coupler keg tap dispenser system.
  • Self-Closing Beer Faucet Spring Avoids Beer Waste: this beer tower replacement kit comes with a thoughtful stainless self-closing tap spring, which will rebound immediately and close the beer faucet in time if you accidentally touch the tap handle causing the faucet to open, reduce beverage waste efficiently and prevent the brewing mess. when you install the beer tap springs, the narrow end should be towards the tap, the wide end should be towards beer tower to get correct performance.
  • Beer Nipple Barb Fitting Fits 3/16” Brewing Beer Line: beer shank features an O.D 1/4” beer barb that can be attached to I.D 1/4” or 3/16” dispensing tubing hose to pull a keg out the fridge to change, helps transfer beverage without leakage and reduces foamy issues. comes with a beer shank collar designed to fit a round riser, you can choose not to use that and replace it with a beer shank flange to let kit function on other brewing systems, perfect for installing on beerfest serving rig.
  • 90° Angle Barb Saves Space, One-Time Hose Clamp Can Not Be for Secondary Use: install on beer tower easily, attach beer line to beer shank, tighten hose clamp with wrench pliers, beer line gets through beer tower hole, place beer shank white washer hex nut on beer tubing, fix beer tap shank to beer tower, attach to keg tap dispenser, special one-time hose clamp and 90° angle beer barb is perfect for narrow space like beer tower, perfect kegerator kit for any brewers equipment home or commercial.
  • Beer Tap Wrench Prevents Leaking and Tap Brush Cover Keep Clean: this draft beer dispenser kit comes with tightening tools to help connection fit tightly. use beer faucet spanner wrench to tighten connection between beer faucet and beer tower, connection between the beer shank and tower and G5/8 hex nut of your keg coupler to prevent leaks, use hose clamp to tighten beer line connection. cleaning brush tap plug can clean the inside of faucet, tap dust cover keeps dirty from entering faucet.
  1. Features a self-closing spring tap for easy operation and no leaks
  2. Designed to fit 3/16" beer line tubing, commonly used in homebrewing
  3. Comes with a wrench and hose clamp for convenient installation
  1. Limited color options available only in silver
  2. May require additional accessories for proper installation
  3. Not compatible with larger beer line tubing sizes
Product Info

2. LUCKEG Draft Beer Tap Faucet Shank – Silver Beer Tower Faucet with Free Tap Cover

Upgrade your homebrewing setup with this stylish and functional draft beer tap faucet and tower combo.

LUCKEG Draft Beer Tap Faucet Shank - Silver Beer Tower Faucet with Free Tap Cover

Product Perks:

  • 1.Packing: Beer Faucet, Beer Handle, Beer Tap Cover;
  • 2.Material: Chrome Plated Brass Body, Anti-rust, ensures quality and longevity;
  • 3.Clean:Draft Faucet Cover will Keep Faucets Clean and Sanitary;
  • 4.Use: The Faucet with Elbow is widely used in Beer Tower, Keg Kegerator,Home Brewing Kegging;
  • 5.Quality Guarantee:Any Defective for Beer Tap, Backed by 45 days Money-Back or Replacement.
  1. Sleek silver design adds a modern touch to any kegerator or home bar
  2. Includes a free tap cover for keeping your faucet clean and protected
  3. Suitable for both small-scale and commercial use
  1. Limited size options available only in small size
  2. May require additional accessories for installation on certain kegerators or towers
  3. Requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent clogs or sticky faucets
Product Info

3. YaeBrew Stainless Steel Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower – Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets Included

Elevate your home bar with this chrome-plated brass faucet included single faucet draft beer tower.

YaeBrew Stainless Steel Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower - Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets Included

Product Perks:

  • Stainless Steel Single Faucet Draft Beer Tower
  • 3″ Diameter Column
  • Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets
  • Includes two 3/16″ Clear Beer Tubing (5′ Lengths) with Nozzle and Hex Nut Assemblies
  • Popular for outdoor or commercial applications.
  1. Made of stainless steel with a chrome-plated brass faucet for durability and aesthetic appeal
  2. Easy to install on most kegerators or home bars
  3. Single faucet design allows for serving your favorite beers with ease
  1. Only available in single faucet configuration
  2. May require additional equipment for proper installation
  3. Requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent clogs or sticky faucets
Product Info
BrandYB YaeBrew
ManufacturerYaemart Corportation
ColorSingle Faucet

4. MRbrew Beer Tap – Stainless Steel Core Brass Body Draft Beer Shank Faucet

Enjoy smooth pouring and quality construction with this stainless steel core draft beer tap.

MRbrew Beer Tap - Stainless Steel Core Brass Body Draft Beer Shank Faucet

Product Perks:

  • Appearance Upgrade to the Most Classic Black: Surface of beer faucet is elegant and beautiful, the fit and finish of this kegging beer faucet is comparable to all stainless beer faucet, makes your kegerator look high-grade, awesome upgrade or replacement for old brewing hardware. if you’re looking for a basic, no frills beer faucet, this classic black surface beer tap will work just fine for your kegerator or jockey box setup, holds up great in a high traffic restaurant and personal homebrew.
  • Thoughtful Beer Tap Sealing O-rings and No Leaks No Foaming No Drip: there are sealing gaskets inside MRbrew beer tap, the seals and gaskets are all easy to be put back once kegerator beer faucet is cleaned, features a correct 3/8” threads cut for attaching beer tap handle and 1-1/8” threads cut for attaching kegerator equipment correctly, which ensures no leaking on the connection, seals great and pours a foaming-free beer cup, reduce beer drips and beer waste.
  • Healthy Beer Tap Stainless Core and Silicone Gasket: this beer faucet features a stainless steel core and black-plated brass body, no rust stainless and silicone sealing o-rings will not bring odors when directly touching beverages and beer will not get a metallic taste, creates a healthy environment for drinking, this beer faucet will be your good threshold to hug a green life, black-plated surface makes beer tap keep looking good easily and brilliantly keeps beer faucet always as new.
  • Comes with Basic Black Beer Tap Handle and Will Not Stick: beer faucet comes with a 3/8” thread tap handle whose design is very user-friendly and black tap handle highly matches to the black surface of beer faucet, tap handle is sturdy and pulls beer faucet lever easily, correct tap handle angle avoids accidental spills and pours, beer tap structure is simple and reasonable, easy to disassemble and do brewing cleaning regularly, beer faucet is flexible to operate and not easy to get stick.
  • Perfect for Various Homebrewing Activities: this homebrew beer tap can be used on kegerator draft beer tower, beer shank, jockey box, ball lock keg, mini keg growler filler dispensing system, sankey keg tap system for dispensing tasty post lawn mowing cold beer, kombucha, soda, a good choice if you are in the process of making a bar business or holding an outdoor or indoor brewing activities, we will unconditionally solve your problems if you are not satisfied!
  1. Features a stainless steel core and brass body for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  2. Designed for use in kegerators, home bars, and commercial settings
  3. Provides easy and reliable beer dispensing without leaks or drips
  1. Available only in black color option
  2. May require additional accessories for proper installation
  3. Slightly heavier compared to some other beer tap models on the market
Product Info

5. Perlick Faucet – Flow Control – Model 650SS

Take control of your pouring speed with this flow control Perlick faucet made from stainless steel.

Perlick Faucet - Flow Control - Model 650SS

Product Perks:

  • Package Dimensions: 13.716 cms (L) x 14.224 cms (W) x 13.716 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Mechanical Components
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  1. Equipped with flow control technology for adjusting pouring speed and reducing foam
  2. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel for durability and longevity
  3. Compatible with standard kegerator setups and beer towers
  1. Limited color options available only in stainless steel finish
  2. Higher price point compared to traditional beer faucets
  3. Requires proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance
Product Info
ManufacturerPerlick Corporation
ColorStainless Steel
Item Dimensions(Height: 5 Inches, Length: 4 Inches, Weight: 0.5 pounds, Width: 3 Inches)

6. Dbgogo Draft Beer Faucet Shank – No Leak Stainless Core Beer Tap for 1/4″ Beer Line Tubing

Upgrade your kegerator with this stainless steel draft beer faucet shank, designed to prevent leaks and drips.

Dbgogo Draft Beer Faucet Shank - No Leak Stainless Core Beer Tap for 1/4

Product Perks:

  • Newly Upgraded Self-closing Spring Shank: Compared with common beer shanks on the market, Dbgogo adds a new and upgraded self-closing spring inside basic beer shank, which can effectively solve the problem that beer keg faucet is not closed in place in time and prevent beer leakage and waste. 4-1/8” beer shank allows your beer tap to go through kegerator refrigerator wall and dispense beverage from the beer keg inside kegerator easily, you do not have to take out keg every time to enjoy beer.
  • Excellent Cold Conductor: As a great cold conductor between where beer is stored and beer faucet, 4-1/8″ long beer faucet shank is transition point between beer line and faucet, create a stable mounting position, will not let beer warm up even if beer go through thick wall, keep your craft beer original. O.D 1/4” beer nipple barb can be attached to I.D 3/16” beer line, which is more in line with the home brewers’ habits, you no need to worry about wrong tailpiece fitting size for brewing hose.
  • Keg Tap Spanner Wrench Makes Installation Easy: Beer tap faucet wrench helps you easily install beer shank and faucet on refrigerator, freezer, cabinet or beer wall. You can insert the little hook of tap wrench into the hole of beer tap lock ring, turn the beer faucet wrench counterclockwise to install beer tap and turn wrench clockwise to disassemble easily. Tighten beer shank hex nut by using the larger diameter size end of tap wrench, hose clamp avoids leaks from beer tubing connection.
  • Healthy Stainless Steel Core: Beer faucet and shank consist of stainless steel 304 core and chrome-plated polished brass body, pick up beer tap faucet long shank kit, you can feel the heavy duty. the part that directly touches beer is made of stainless, which is sturdy and will not get rust, will not bring bad smell to your beer. Simple construction and smooth beer tap shank core reduce agitation, make your beloved home brewing beer flow steadily, less foaming brings a good taste.
  • Widely Application: Dbgogo self-closing spring shank beer faucet can go through refrigerator wall, freezer wall, cabinet wall, beer tower wall, jockey box wall to be attached to beer or beverage line on the other side of the wall. This beer tap faucet is an ideal choice for dispensing soda, beer and varieties of carbonated drinks at your bar, hotel, restaurant and home brewing kegerator system!
  1. Made from high-quality stainless steel with a no-leak, no-drip design
  2. Designed to fit 1/4" beer line tubing commonly used in homebrewing setups
  3. Comes with a self-closing spring tap, brush, spanner wrench, and hose clamp
  1. Limited color options available only in silver
  2. May require some technical knowledge or assistance for proper installation
  3. Not compatible with larger beer line tubing sizes
Product Info

7. FERRODAY Dual Faucet Beer Tower – Stainless Steel Double Tap Kegerator Tower

Upgrade your home bar or kegerator setup with this pre-assembled dual faucet beer tower.

FERRODAY Dual Faucet Beer Tower - Stainless Steel Double Tap Kegerator Tower

Product Perks:

  • [Solid Construction Every Part for No Leak & No Loose]: Stainless Steel Draft Beer Tower with standard threads for faucet installation, further fix with faucet wrench, no leaks & no loose. Popular for indoor/ outdoor family gatherings or commercial applications like bars, hotels, and restaurants, etc.
  • [Contents Everything You Need For A Beer Tower]: Comes with 1 stainless steel column, 2 brass faucets, 2 of 5 feet 3/16″ I.D. tubing, 1 beer tower gasket, 4 of M5 screws and nuts, 2 clamps, 2 beer faucet springs, 2 beer faucet soothers, 1 beer tap wrench, and 1 cleaning brush. A complete beer dispenser tower.
  • [Safe & Strong Material & Shiny Surface]: High-quality material long-last beer tap tower for homebrew. Rustproof stainless steel column, safe for beverage beer tubing, solid brass faucet with stainless steel core, stainless steel screws, and springs for longer service. The surface of the beer tower and beer faucet are both electroplated for better wear resistance.
  • [Few Minutes for Easy Installation Convenient Kit]: Pre-assembled faucet shanks and beer lines to save your time. 1. install this on a bar counter, then drill a hole on the countertop, place the gasket, pass the hose through the hole, use screws to fix the tower, and install the faucet. 2. Directly installing on a kegerator dispenser would be easier, no drills needed.
  • [Upgraded Self-closing Springs & Keep Improving]: The package includes 2 springs for self-closing tap installation. The spring is so strong that you may need a hand for installation. A self-closing tap is the end of drippings. Please feel free to tell if any problem, we would try our best to help. Lifetime technical support.
  1. Made of stainless steel with brass faucets for durability and a sleek look
  2. Pre-assembled lines for easy installation without any additional plumbing required
  3. Double tap design allows you to serve two types of beer simultaneously
  1. Only available in dual tap configuration
  2. May require additional accessories for proper installation on certain kegerators or towers
  3. Requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent clogs or sticky faucets
Product Info
SizeDual Tap Kegerator Tower

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Kegerator Faucets

When it comes to setting up your own home bar or upgrading your existing kegerator system, choosing the right faucets is crucial. The best kegerator faucets not only ensure a smooth and controlled pour but also contribute to the overall tasting experience of your favorite craft beers. With various options available in the market, finding the perfect kegerator faucet can be overwhelming. Here are some key factors to consider when making your purchase decision:

1. Material and Construction

Quality and durability should be at the top of your list when selecting kegerator faucets. Look for faucets made from sturdy materials like stainless steel or brass, as they offer resistance to corrosion and ensure long-term performance. Additionally, check for features such as a solid construction and smooth internal surfaces that prevent beer from sticking or imparting any off-flavors.

2. Type of Faucet

There are different types of kegerator faucets available, each offering unique benefits and functionalities. The most common types include:

  • Standard Faucets: These are basic faucets suitable for most home bars or small-scale setups.
  • Flow Control Faucets: Featuring an integrated flow control lever, these faucets allow you to adjust the speed of pouring without changing the pressure.
  • Perlick Faucets: Known for their exceptional quality, Perlick faucets boast forward-sealing designs that minimize beer stuckage and reduce oxidation.

Consider your specific needs and preferences when deciding which type of faucet will best suit your setup.

3. Compatibility with Keg System

Ensure that the kegerator faucet you choose is compatible with your existing keg system or draft setup. Check for compatibility with standard shanks, couplers, and other components you may have in place. This will help avoid any compatibility issues while ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

4. Aesthetics and Design

While functionality is paramount, the aesthetics of your kegerator faucet can also make a difference in your overall bar setup. Look for faucets with sleek finishes and stylish designs that complement your home decor or personal taste.

5. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your kegerator faucet clean and well-maintained is essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent any off-flavors from developing. Consider faucets with parts that are easy to disassemble, clean, and sanitize. Additionally, opt for models with removable spouts or nozzles for easier maintenance.

6. Budget

Finally, determine a budget range before exploring the options available. While it’s important to find a high-quality kegerator faucet, you don’t want to overspend on features that may not be necessary for your specific needs.

By considering these factors when choosing the best kegerator faucets for your home bar or kegerator system, you can ensure an enhanced beer pouring experience while maximizing the longevity of your equipment. Remember to read customer reviews and do thorough research before making a final decision to find the perfect faucet that meets all your requirements.


What are the best kegerator faucets available on the market?

The best kegerator faucets can vary based on personal preferences, but some popular options include Perlick 630SS, Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet, and Kegco Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Beer Line Cleaning Kit.

How do I choose the right kegerator faucet for my setup?

When selecting a kegerator faucet, consider factors like material (stainless steel is durable and sanitary), flow control (allows precise pouring), and compatibility with your keg system. Reading customer reviews can also provide valuable insights.

Are there any budget-friendly options for kegerator faucets without compromising quality?

Yes, there are affordable yet reliable kegerator faucets available. Some examples include the Taprite 5740 Faucet, Homebrewers Outpost D1225 Perlick Style Faucet, and Krome Dispense C560 Chrome Plated Brass Draft Beer Faucet.

What features should I look for in high-quality kegerator faucets?

High-quality kegerator faucets often have features such as forward-sealing design (prevents beer residue buildup), stainless steel construction (resistant to corrosion), smooth operation, and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.

Can you recommend some top-rated brands known for their exceptional kegerator faucet quality?

Certainly! Some reputable brands renowned for their high-quality kegerator faucets include Perlick, Intertap, Kegco, Taprite, and Krome Dispense. These brands have a proven track record of providing reliable products that meet the needs of both homebrewers and commercial establishments.

Is it necessary to clean my kegerator faucet regularly?

If so, how often should I do it

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