Discover The Best Tape That Truly Sticks To Concrete

Experience an unparalleled solution to your sticking woes with our groundbreaking Concrete-Compatible Tape. This industry-leading product effortlessly bonds to concrete, delivering a secure and lasting stick that has to be seen to be believed.

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Best Tape That Sticks To Concrete

The true beauty of our tape lies in its tenacity. It grips onto concrete with the determination of a mountain climber and the tenacity of a marine barnacle. Equipped with an adhesive strength that outperforms conventional tapes, it ensures no more slippage, no more residue, and certainly no more frustration. Our Concrete-Compatible Tape is not just any tape. It’s a pioneering solution crafted to work seamlessly with the rough and porous nature of concrete. The ultra-strong adhesive allows the tape to establish a firm and resilient bond, regardless of weather or surface condition. From sealing cracks to securing decorations or mounting security equipment, this tape handles it all with grace and durability. The tape is designed to be tear-resistant, assuring that once it’s down, it stays down. It’s UV-resistant and weatherproof, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. So, whether you need it for a quick repair job or a long-term installation, our Concrete-Compatible Tape is your go-to companion, delivering exceptional performance every time. Bid goodbye to temporary fixes and welcome a permanent solution with our Concrete-Compatible Tape. Secure, durable, and reliable, it’s the tape that truly sticks when you need it most. Embark on a journey of stress-free, firm adhesion with our Concrete-Compatible Tape – the ultimate tape that sticks to concrete.

Why Tape That Sticks To Concrete Is Necessary?

Concrete is a commonly used material in various construction and DIY projects. It’s tough, durable, and weather-resistant, but it’s also porous and uneven, making it a difficult material for many tapes to stick to. This is where a tape that’s specially designed to stick to concrete becomes necessary. Here are a few reasons why concrete-compatible tape is important:
  • 1. Construction and Repair: From sealing cracks and joints to fixing broken pieces, this type of tape is essential. Its ability to withstand harsh conditions makes it an ideal choice for long-term repairs and installations.
  • 2. Outdoor Use: Concrete is often exposed to the elements, and ordinary tape can quickly degrade under sunlight, rain, or extreme temperatures. A concrete-compatible tape is designed to resist these conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • 3. Safety Measures: In commercial or industrial settings, securing cables, mats, or other equipment to concrete floors can prevent accidents. A tape that sticks well to concrete ensures these safety measures remain firmly in place.
  • 4. Home Decor: If you’re attaching decorations or fixtures to concrete walls, you need tape that won’t let go. This can also be useful for hanging outdoor lights or decorations on concrete surfaces.
  • 5. Versatility: A tape that sticks to concrete can be used on a variety of other rough surfaces, providing a versatile tool for many different projects.
In summary, a tape that sticks to concrete provides a reliable, durable, and versatile solution for a wide range of applications. It allows us to effectively use concrete as a substrate for attachment, enhancing safety, improving aesthetic appeal, and assisting in repair and construction tasks. It’s a simple tool with significant utility.

Our Top Picks For Best Tape That Sticks To Concrete

Best Tape That Sticks To Concrete Guidance

Shurtape DF 545 Double-Sided Carpet and Duct Tape, Sticks to Hardwood, Concrete, Tile, and More, Natural with Blue Liner, 48mm x 33 Meters, 1 Roll (152496)

Shurtape DF 545 Double-Sided Carpet and Duct Tape, Sticks to Hardwood, Concrete, Tile and More, Natural with Blue Liner, 48mm x 33 Meters, 1 Roll (152496)

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Discover unparalleled strength and versatility with the Shurtape DF 545 Double-Sided Carpet and Duct Tape. Designed to stick steadfastly to a range of surfaces like hardwood, concrete, and tile, this high-performance tape ensures your carpets stay exactly where you want them. Measuring 48mm x 33 meters, our Shurtape DF 545 offers plenty of adhesive solutions for your needs, whether it’s for carpet installation, ductwork, or other demanding applications. Its natural color with a blue liner makes it a discreet addition to your space while providing the reliable performance you seek. With Shurtape DF 545, you’re not just getting a tape; you’re acquiring a dependable partner in your construction, renovation, and repair endeavors.


  1. Double-Sided: Offers strong adhesion on both sides for superior grip and stability.
  2. Broad Compatibility: Works effectively on a variety of surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, and tile.
  3. Large Size: Measures 48mm x 33 meters, providing a generous amount of tape for diverse applications.
  4. Heavy-Duty: Robustly constructed for rigorous use, be it in carpet installation, ductwork, or heavy-duty mounting.
  5. Natural Color with Blue Liner: Designed for a discreet look that doesn’t compromise the aesthetics of your space.


  1. The double-sided design provides excellent adhesion and stability.
  2. Versatile and suitable for use on various surfaces.
  3. Generously-sized roll ensures you have enough tape for large projects.
  4. Heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for intense applications.
  5. A discreet color scheme does not disrupt the aesthetics of your space.


  1. The strong adhesive might leave a residue on some surfaces upon removal.
  2. The thickness of the tape may make it noticeable under thin carpets or rugs.
  3. Cutting the tape to size can be challenging due to its strength and stickiness.
  4. While it sticks to a variety of surfaces, it might have reduced effectiveness on very rough or uneven surfaces.
  5. The tape may not be as easy to reposition once it’s applied due to its strong adhesion.

Additional Product Information

Color Blue
Weight 1.59 Pounds

ATack Double-Sided Acrylic Mounting Tape Removable, Clear, 2-inch x 300-Inch, Waterproof Indoor and Exterior Double Sides Brick Mounting Tape

ATack Double-Sided Acrylic Mounting Tape Removable, Clear, 2-inch x 300-Inch, Waterproof Indoor and Exterior Double Sides Brick Mounting Tape

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Embrace superior adhesion with the ATack Double-Sided Acrylic Mounting Tape. With its 2-inch x 300-inch size, this clear mounting tape offers a waterproof solution for both indoor and exterior applications. Its removable feature makes it even more versatile and user-friendly. Whether you’re looking to mount items on brick, secure decorations, or engage in craft projects, our ATack Mounting Tape provides a strong bond that won’t let you down. Its clear, acrylic design ensures a discreet and clean look, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces and items. With this ATack Mounting Tape, you’re not just getting an adhesive solution; you’re getting reliability, versatility, and peace of mind in every inch.


  1. Double-Sided: Offers strong adhesion on both sides for secure mounting.
  2. Acrylic Construction: Made from clear, durable acrylic for a clean and discreet look.
  3. Large Size: Measures 2 inches x 300 inches, providing plenty of tape for various applications.
  4. Removable: Can be peeled off without leaving residue or damaging the surface.
  5. Waterproof: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications due to its water-resistant nature.


  1. The double-sided adhesive provides a strong, reliable bond.
  2. The clear design ensures a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  3. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including brick mounting.
  4. The waterproof feature allows use in different environments.
  5. Easy to remove without damaging surfaces or leaving residue.


  1. While the tape is removable, reusing it after removal might reduce its adhesive power.
  2. May not adhere as effectively to rough or highly textured surfaces.
  3. Cutting the tape into precise lengths can be challenging due to its stickiness.
  4. Extreme temperature fluctuations may affect the tape’s adhesion.
  5. Even though it’s designed to not leave a residue, certain delicate or porous surfaces might be affected.

Additional Product Information

Color Clear
Height 1.99999999796 Inches
Length 4.5275590505 Inches

T-REX Ferociously Strong Tape, Duct Tape with UV Resistant & Waterproof Backing for Wood Brick Concrete and More, 12 yd. x 1.88″, Gunmetal Gray, 1-Roll (241309)

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Experience the power of our T-REX Ferociously Strong Tape, a superior duct tape designed with durability, versatility, and reliability in mind. With UV-resistant and waterproof backing, this gunmetal gray tape offers unrivaled strength and endurance, sticking ferociously to a variety of surfaces such as wood, brick, and concrete. Our T-REX Strong Tape, which measures 12 yd. x 1.88″, is more than just duct tape. It’s a robust solution to an array of tasks, from heavy-duty construction needs to quick home repairs. Its resilience in the face of harsh environmental conditions, combined with its strong adhesive capabilities, makes it a must-have tool in any toolkit. Never worry about your tape failing again; the T-REX Ferociously Strong Tape is designed to stick around, regardless of what you throw at it.


  1. UV-Resistant & Waterproof: This tape withstands UV rays and moisture, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Superior Adhesion: Engineered to adhere powerfully to various surfaces including wood, brick, and concrete.
  3. Heavy-Duty: Strong enough to handle intense uses and conditions.
  4. Versatile: Perfect for a broad range of tasks, from home repairs to construction needs.
  5. Large Size: Measures 12 yd. x 1.88″, offering plenty of tape for various uses.


  1. Exceptional durability makes it suitable for heavy-duty tasks and harsh conditions.
  2. UV-resistant and waterproof backing provides long-lasting performance.
  3. Strong adhesion works well on a variety of surfaces.
  4. Generous size gives users plenty of tape for multiple projects.
  5. Versatility makes it a valuable addition to any toolkit.


  1. The strong adhesive might leave a residue when removed.
  2. The gray color might not blend with all materials or surfaces.
  3. Cutting the tape can be difficult due to its thickness and strength.
  4. May not perform as well on smooth, glossy surfaces.
  5. The tape’s rigidity might make it less suitable for tasks requiring flexibility.

Additional Product Information

Color Gunmetal Gray
Height 4.44 Inches
Length 4.44 Inches
Weight 0.55 Pounds

All Surface Rug Gripper Tape [2″ x 25 Yards] Secure Rugs on Hardwood Floors, Carpet, Laminate, Vinyl – Non Slip Double Sided Rug Tape for Area Rugs/Carpet Tape 2 Sided Heavy Duty Extreme Corner Grip

All Surface Rug Gripper Tape [2

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Embrace stability and safety with our All Surface Rug Gripper Tape. Measuring 2″ x 25 yards, this rug tape is designed to secure rugs on any surface, including hardwood, carpet, laminate, and vinyl. Engineered with a high-quality double-sided adhesive, it provides extreme grip and non-slip security, ensuring your rugs stay firmly in place. Wave goodbye to tripping hazards and misaligned rugs; our All Surface Rug Gripper Tape is your solution to rug movement and curling corners. Whether you’re securing an area rug on a slippery laminate floor or ensuring a carpet doesn’t shift on existing wall-to-wall carpeting, this heavy-duty tape is designed to meet a myriad of needs. Reliable and easy to install, our rug gripper tape delivers peace of mind along with superior performance. Embrace an uncluttered, safer living or working space with our All Surface Rug Gripper Tape.


  1. Double-Sided Grip: High-performance adhesive on both sides for maximum grip.
  2. All Surface Compatibility: Works effectively on hardwood, carpet, laminate, and vinyl.
  3. Large Size: Measures 2″ x 25 yards, making it suitable for a wide range of rug sizes.
  4. Heavy Duty: Engineered for intense use, providing long-lasting adhesion.
  5. Easy Application: Simply cut to desired length, peel, and stick.


  1. Provides a robust and reliable grip, reducing slipping and tripping hazards.
  2. Compatible with a wide range of surfaces, offering great versatility.
  3. The generous size ensures it can be used for multiple rugs or large-area rugs.
  4. A simple application process saves time and hassle.
  5. Heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting performance.


  1. Cutting the tape to size might be challenging for some.
  2. The extreme adhesion might make it difficult to reposition the rug after application.
  3. Although it is designed for all surfaces, there might be reduced effectiveness on extremely smooth or high-gloss surfaces.
  4. It could potentially leave a residue on certain types of flooring when removed.
  5. Although strong, it might not work as well with very heavy or thick rugs.

Additional Product Information

Color white
Height 4.5 Inches
Length 4.5 Inches

Nano Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Mounting Tape Adhesive Grip, Reusable Strong Sticky Wall Tape Strips Transparent Tape Poster Carpet Tape for Paste Items, Household

Nano Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Mounting Tape Adhesive Grip,Reusable Strong Sticky Wall Tape Strips Transparent Tape Poster Carpet Tape for Paste Items,Household…

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Introducing our Nano Double-Sided Tape, a multipurpose adhesive solution engineered for robust and reliable use in a multitude of situations. Offering both convenience and strength, this high-duty tape uses advanced nanotechnology to provide a transparent, yet remarkably sturdy adhesive that can handle weighty items with ease. The double-sided nature of our tape enables a secure grip, ensuring the mounted objects remain firmly in place. One of the most striking features of our Nano Double-Sided Tape is its reusability. You can easily peel it off, rinse, and reuse it multiple times without losing its adhesive properties. Whether you’re looking to hang posters, mount a carpet, or organize household items, our Nano Double-Sided Tape is the ultimate solution. Say goodbye to unsightly holes in your walls or the sticky residue left behind by ordinary tapes. Our tape delivers strong adhesion without compromising the aesthetics of your home or workspace.


  1. Double-Sided Adhesion: Offers a secure grip on both sides, making it ideal for mounting various items.
  2. Heavy Duty: Made for rigorous use, it can handle heavier items with relative ease.
  3. Reusable: Can be peeled off, rinsed, and reused multiple times while retaining its stickiness.
  4. Transparent: The tape’s transparency ensures no compromise on aesthetics.
  5. Multipurpose: Ideal for a wide range of applications, from household organization to mounting posters and carpets.
  6. Easy to Cut: Can be easily cut into any length or size to meet your specific needs.


  1. Offers a strong and secure adhesive grip for heavy-duty use.
  2. Can be reused, offering excellent value for money.
  3. A transparent design ensures it won’t affect the aesthetics of the mounted item or surface.
  4. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.
  5. Easy to cut and apply on surfaces.


  1. Although reusable, the adhesive might weaken after multiple reapplications.
  2. Not suitable for use on rough or uneven surfaces.
  3. While it is designed for heavy-duty use, there are weight limits to consider for heavier items.
  4. May not stick as effectively in extremely high or low temperatures.

Additional Product Information

Color Transparent

Benefits of Tape That Sticks To Concrete

Tape that sticks to concrete offers numerous benefits to various industries, including construction, renovation, manufacturing, and even arts and crafts. Here are some key advantages:
  • 1. Superior Adhesion: This type of tape is designed to bond securely with the rough, uneven surface of concrete, offering a high level of adhesive strength that most ordinary tapes can’t match.
  • 2. Durability: Concrete-compatible tapes are typically made with heavy-duty materials and adhesives to withstand harsh conditions. They are often resistant to weather, UV rays, moisture, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-term performance.
  • 3. Versatility: While it’s specifically designed for concrete, this type of tape can also adhere well to other rough or porous materials such as brick, stone, and wood. This makes it a versatile addition to any toolbox.
  • 4. Safety: The strong adhesion prevents tripping hazards in commercial or industrial environments by keeping mats, cables, and other equipment securely in place.
  • 5. Easy Application: Despite their strong adhesion, these tapes are generally easy to apply and can be cut to the desired length to suit various tasks. This eliminates the need for more complicated fastening tools or methods.
  • 6. Multipurpose Use: From repair jobs and safety measures to decoration and DIY projects, the concrete tape can serve a wide range of purposes both indoors and outdoors.
  • 7. Cost-Effective: Given its durability and versatility, concrete tape can be a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for frequent replacements or more expensive fastening methods.
  • 8. Clean Removal: High-quality concrete tapes are designed to leave minimal residue upon removal, maintaining the integrity of your concrete surfaces.
In a nutshell, tape that sticks to concrete is an indispensable tool that provides a reliable and practical solution for a plethora of uses, making it a must-have in many scenarios.

Buying Guide for Tape That Sticks To Concrete

When you’re in the market for a tape that sticks to concrete, there are several factors you need to consider to ensure you’re getting the right product for your needs. Here’s a buying guide to help you make an informed decision:
  • 1. Adhesive Strength: The main feature to look for is how well the tape sticks to concrete surfaces. It should provide strong and durable adhesion, capable of withstanding various conditions without peeling off or losing its grip.
  • 2. Durability: Choose a tape that is weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations. This ensures it will last, regardless of whether it’s used indoors or outdoors.
  • 3. Versatility: While your primary need might be for concrete, it’s a good idea to opt for a tape that can also adhere to other materials like brick, stone, wood, or even metal. This makes it a more versatile tool to have on hand.
  • 4. Easy Application: The tape should be easy to apply and cut. Some tapes come with a backing that needs to be peeled off before application, while others can simply be rolled out and stuck down.
  • 5. Thickness and Width: Depending on your particular use, you might need a thicker or wider tape. Thicker tapes generally offer better adhesion and durability, while wider tapes can cover a larger area.
  • 6. Residue-free Removal: If you plan to remove the tape at some point, look for one that offers residue-free removal. This ensures that your concrete surfaces remain clean and unblemished after the tape is taken off.
  • 7. Price: While you want a tape that performs well, you also need to consider your budget. Compare prices, but remember that cheaper options may not provide the adhesion strength and durability you need.
  • 8. Reviews and Ratings: Lastly, check out reviews and ratings from other customers. This can provide real-world insights into how the tape performs under different conditions.
Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, choosing the right concrete-compatible tape can make a big difference in the success of your projects. Keep these points in mind when you’re shopping, and you’re more likely to find a product that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use this concrete-compatible tape on other materials?

Answer: Yes, most concrete-compatible tapes are also suitable for use on other rough or porous surfaces such as brick, stone, or wood, making them versatile tools for many different applications.

Will the tape leave a residue when removed?

Answer: High-quality concrete-compatible tapes are designed to minimize residue upon removal. However, some residue may occur depending on the surface and the duration the tape has been applied. Always check the manufacturer’s details for more specific information.

Can I use this tape outdoors?

Answer: Yes, most tapes designed to stick to the concrete are built to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to UV rays, temperature fluctuations, and weather elements.

How long will the tape stick to the concrete?

Answer: The longevity of the tape’s adhesion can vary depending on several factors, including environmental conditions, the surface’s cleanliness when applied, and the specific product’s quality. High-quality tapes can often provide a secure bond for several months to years.

How do I apply the tape to the concrete?

Answer: Ensure the concrete surface is clean, dry, and free of dust or loose particles. Cut the tape to the desired length, peel off the backing if it has one, and press it firmly onto the surface. Some tapes may require a little time to achieve maximum adhesion.

Can this tape be used for heavy-duty applications?

Answer: While concrete-compatible tapes are generally robust and durable, their suitability for heavy-duty applications can vary. Check the tape’s weight rating and the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure it meets your specific requirements.

Is this tape safe to use in high-traffic areas?

Answer: Yes, when applied correctly, the concrete-compatible tape is designed to stick firmly and resist lifting or peeling, making it safe for use in high-traffic areas. However, regular checks and replacements are recommended to maintain safety standards.


In conclusion, a tape that sticks to concrete serves as an essential tool in an array of applications, ranging from construction and repair jobs to safety measures and decorative projects. It offers superior adhesion, impressive durability, and remarkable versatility, and is typically easy to apply. When choosing this type of tape, it’s crucial to consider factors such as adhesive strength, durability, ease of application, versatility, thickness, and width, as well as whether it leaves any residue upon removal. Customer reviews and ratings can also provide valuable insights into a product’s real-world performance. While the market offers a wide range of options, understanding your specific needs and keeping these considerations in mind will help you make an informed purchase. Regardless of whether you’re a professional contractor, a DIY enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a reliable and durable adhesive solution, a high-quality concrete-compatible tape is a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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